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Chef 2024

The search for the best young chef in the arctic has begun

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Lars Abelsen won the Arctic Young Chef 2024 in Ilulissat

Lars Abelsen will represent Greenland in the grand finale of the Arctic Young Chef competition, which will take place in September in Norway.

There, he will meet finalists from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. The competition was held on May 11 at Atuarfik Mathias Storch School in Ilulissat. Besides the winner Lars Abelsen, Ivalu Hansen Zeeb came in second, with the other participants being Minik Fisker and Mikisoq Bendtsen.

The winning menu consisted of an appetizer with bacca tuille, roasted carrot, pan-fried Greenlandic ray, and wild garlic sauce. The main course included red wine sauce, glazed beetroot, sauteed mushrooms, and marinated pan-seared seal. The competition emphasizes the use of uncommon ingredients. Its vision is to help make Greenlandic ray popular in Greenlandic cuisine and to regain appreciation for seal among the younger generation.

The menu was judged on taste, execution, technique, skills, presentation, and service, with time also being a factor. The judges described the winning menu as “simple, lovely, and elegant, and it can also be used at home in the family.”

The judges included: Per Theodor Tørrissen, director of the North-Norwegian Competence Center for Food (MAT) and ArktiskMat; Habi, head chef of Hotel Arctic and former chef at Kokkeriet in Copenhagen, where he earned a Michelin star; Morten Nielsen, director of Hotel Arctic since 2018 has extensive experience from the business, and a trained chef.

“It was tough, but also very educational,” says Lars Abelsen. He also emphasizes the importance of cooking with products that may not be common right now. Lars looks forward to representing Greenland at the grand finale later this year.

The next national competition will take place in Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands on August 17, before the national championships conclude in Mosjøen, Norway, on September 12. The grand finale will then be held in Bodø, which is the European Capital of Culture this year. The Bodø24 program is sure to provide a vibrant backdrop for the Arctic Young Chef competition and the celebration of the culinary future and skills of the North Atlantic and the Arctic as the young chefs compete in the final.

The Arctic Young Chef is a culinary competition for young chefs and food enthusiasts under 30 from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway. There is particular focus on highlighting underutilised food resources. It is supported and organized by NORA – Nordic Atlantic Cooperation.

Updates about the competition are posted on


Andrés Björgvinsson to represent Iceland in Arctic Young Chef competition

The winner of the international Arctic Young Chef will be found in November when Björgvinsson competes against the national winners from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Norway

Iceland’s representative in the international Arctic Young Chef competition will be Andrés Björgvinsson, after an exquisite fusion of baccalà and skyr earned him the national title in Kópavogur today.

Mr Björgvinsson beat out runner-up Maria Ósk Steinsdóttir and the six other competitors with a dish showcasing a level of creativity and gastronomical skills that impressed the jury and the event’s spectators alike.

The three-chef jury, made up of Ægir Fríðríksson and Snædis Xyza Jónsdóttir, both of Iceland, and chair Teitur Christensen, of the Faroe Islands, praised the winner for the display of cooking and presentation skills he showed in preparing both of the required dishes. Still, they warned that he needs to up his game before the international competition in Bodø, Norway, in November.

“The lamb was generally good and well cooked, but the judges could point out a few things that were lacking flavour. The salted cod was well balanced, but a little on the salty side, though this was due to the thickness and the amount of time he had to prepare it. Andrés impressed us with what he was able to do in the short time he had,” the jury said.

Bodø is the European Capital of Culture this year, and the Bodø24 programme will provide the international Arctic Young Chef competition with a vibrant backdrop for a celebration of North Atlantic and Arctic culinary excellence and cultural exchange.

Receiving the trophy from Icelandic Minister of Infrastructure Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Mr Björgvinsson said he was looking forward to representing his country in Bodø.

He said: “It was a tough competition, and that made the victory even sweeter. I think it is amazing that we finally have a competition that utilises less-used ingredients. Lamb belly and baccalà are both excellent ingredients you don’t often see used these days.”

The next national competition will be held in Ilullisat, Greenland, in May. After that, attention shifts to Klaksvik in the Faroe Islands on 17 August, before the national championships wrap up in Mosjøen, Norway, on 12 September.

More information about the Arctic Young Chef competition is available at Updates about the competition are posted at

Where and when

Reykjavik - Iceland

16th MARCH 2024

Ilulissat - Greenland

11th MAY 2024

Klaksvik - Faroes

17th AUGUST 2024

Mosjøen - Norway

12th SEPTEMBER 2024

Meet the young chefs of Greenland

Ivalu Hansen Zeeb

Age: 22

Hometown: Nuuk
Workplace: Culture House, Katuaq
Instagram: ivalu_zhansen

Mikisoq Bandsen

Age: 26

Hometown: From Narsaq, lives in Nuuk
Workplace: Freelance
Instagram: Mikisoqb

Minik Fisker

Age: 30

Hometown: Ilulissat
Workplace: Freelance
Instagram: minikfisker

Lars Abelsen

Age: 20

Hometown: Ilulissat
Workplace: Hotel Arctic
Instagram: Itaja04

Meet the young chefs of Iceland

Konráð Hilmarsson

Age: 18

Hometown: Kópavogur
Workplace: Kol restraunt
Instagram: Konradhilmarsson

Angelika Karwowska

Age: 31

Hometown: Grindavik
Workplace: Salthusið
Instagram: geluniak

Mikael Einarsson

Age: 18

Hometown: Reykjavík
Workplace: Sjávargrillið (Seafood grill)
Instagram: Mikael.Einars

Óskar Þór Guðjónsson

Age: 30

Hometown: Mosfellsbær
Workplace: Fiskfélagið
Instagram: o.thorg

Símon Kristjansson Sullca

Age: 21

Hometown: Reykjavik
Workplace: Self employed
Instagram: simon._.02

María Osk Steinsdóttir

Age: 20

Hometown: Kópavogur
Workplace: Lux veitingar/MK
Instagram: mariaosk_

Natawut Saengsut

Age: 27

Hometown: kópavogur
Workplace: At Nauthól
Instagram: Natawut _ta

Andrés Björgvinsson

Age: 20

Hometown: Mosfellsbær
Workplace: Lúx Veitingar
Instagram: dresidekk